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WEB Banker/Mobile Banking/Telephone Banking

WEB Banker

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere with WEB Banker, West End Bank's on-line banking tool. WEB Banker is convenient, secure and allows you to pay bills, view statements, transfer funds and so much more! WEB Banker allows you to monitor all of your West End Bank accounts PLUS you have access to on-line statements.

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Bill Pay

The West End Bank Bill Pay feature within WEB Banker is a fast, easy way to pay your bills on-line without writing checks, purchasing stamps or delivering payments. You can schedule single or recurring payments to anyone you would like to make a payment to. To use our bill pay feature, you must have an active West End Bank WEB Banker account.

Mobile Banking App

West End Bank mobile banking allows you to access your accounts with a mobile device 24-hours a day from the palm of your hand. With mobile banking, you can access your account information on your mobile phone to view balances and transactions, make payments to exisiting payees, transfer money between your West End Bank accounts, and more!

Fast. Check balances and transfer funds within seconds.

Secure. Multiple safeguard technologies protect your information.

Free. We don't charge a thing.

Telephone Banking

Dial 800-436-5131

Now you can handle many banking chores whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you...with our 24-hour telephone banking center.

Our 24-hour telephone banking center lets you conduct many routine banking transactions from any touch-tone telephone, any time of the day or night.

Benefits of our 24-hour telephone banking center

  • Customers may transfer funds to make loan payment (West End Bank accounts only)
  • Customers may place a stop payment
  • Customers may re-order their checks
  • Customers may listen to all our office hours, locations and phone numbers
  • Customers have the capability of changing their pin number at any time

...and much more, all from the convenience of your home, car or office.

It's Safe

Because you enter your account number and a password, you're the only one who can gain access to your accounts, in much the same way your Personal Identification Number prevents anyone but you from using your ATM card. Every transaction is completely confidential.

It's There When You Need It

Our 24-hour telephone banking center is perfect for people who find it difficult to get to the bank during the course of a normal working day. It allows you to access accounts and information at any hour of the day or night, seven days a week - even on holidays.

It's Free

All the convenience of our 24-hour telephone banking center is available to you at no charge. There is no fee for making transactions on 24-hour telephone banking center; no monthly or annual maintenence fee or service charge. Use our 24-hour telephone banking center as often as you like, whenever and wherever you like, without ever worrying about having extra charges to pay.

Start Today

Getting started is easy, simply have your account numbers ready, call our 24-hour telephone banking center number and follow the instructions you're given. There's no application to fill out, and no approval to wait for.

It's Easy

Getting access to your West End Bank accounts through our 24-hour telephone banking center is simple.

Call our 24-hour telephone banking center number anytime. Soon you'll hear the main menu. Just follow along, our 24-hour telephone banking center helps you every step of the way.